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September 13, 2012 2 comments

Howdy. How are you folks?

Me, I got the work thing, the school thing, the martial arts thing, and again, the Rock Band thing. Yes, dear readers, I used to be addicted to playing Rock Band. I’d be on the guitar, husband on the drums, and we’d rock out for hours. Then, my guitar controller messed up, so back into storage everything went.

A few weeks ago we went to a birthday party for my nephew, who got together an impromptu jam session. And I was like, hey, I missed playing this here game.

I can still play on the guitar controller, but I have to use the buttons lower on the neck (usually used for solos). But, a replacement is on the way. And then once again, the spousal unit and I can rock out to our favorite tunes (his choice is the Bosstones, I like anything metal/hard rock).  I was a bit bummed out because I didn’t realize until recently that all of the DLC songs I had on our old XBox (final red ring of death killed it for good) were stuck in limbo. But, the good folks at Microsoft made it so you have the ability to get to your DLC through the magic of the cloud (insert Druid chanting here) and add it all to your replacement console. Now I can put on some Janes Addiction and rock out.

It’s fun to play, I recommend it.

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My experience playing Halo: Combat Evolved (an oldie but a goodie)

August 2, 2010 Leave a comment

My husband has Halo 2 and 3 on the XBox 360. After he bought them (on release day, mind you), he played them through to the end, and then they went back to the bookcase, where they remain to this day. In my mind’s eye, if you pay 60 bucks for a game, shouldn’t it get played more than once? I left the matter alone then since other things came up (work, school, life, you name it).

However, recently we got a video on Netflix called HALO Legends. It wasn’t all that great overall (an Arbiter who knows the way of the samurai?), but it did give me a jonesing to play HALO.

My backstory with gaming is really simple. I am not good with first person shooters. They tend to be pretty violent, and kinda make me dizzy sometimes. I’m more old school, Mario, Tetris, card games. But, I do have Rock Band 2 and got pretty decent at it with guitar and bass. RB 3 will be part of my collection when it comes out 🙂

As an amateur, I made a rookie mistake. I took out HALO 3 from its box, put it in, and wondered why in the hell I couldn’t get the controls right. Erik snickered a bit, and suggested I try the first game in the series (HALO: Combat Evolved). It took some doing, but he was able to borrow a copy from his buddy Joseph (thanks again, man :).

So the other day I fired it up, checked out the tutorial, and after an hour and change, got through the first ship. I am now on the ground, hopefully driving this deal when I next play:

Imagine me here, but as the Master Chief

We’ll see how my foray into HALO goes. I’d like to finish the game before school starts at the end of August. Hopefully it’ll happen.

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